At a young age appointed as executive director, corporate governance and compliance was always close at heart. Working in the ATIC industry Code-of-Ethics or Code-of-Conducts are a lifeline or reason of existence for industries. Working across jurisdictions setting up companies or helping SME’s with compliance a further curiosity on qualifications and credibility of board memberships led to further professional preparations to fulfil such roles in a compliant manner. Becoming a fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors based on past experiences and attending numerous CPD’s as well as board related and practitioner trainings on ESG and corporate governance has prepared me to enhance my further career into an INED portfolio future.

Current Board Membership

Non-Executive Director and Advisor EQOLOGIC

2021 - Present

Developing an ESG advisory firm focussing on Western companies entering or active in China, supporting them with purpose-driven compliance adhering to Chinese Characteristics.

Advisory Board Member IASE Hong Kong/Asia

2022 - Present

Supporting the International Association for Sustainable Economy with strategic direction and introductions to become a regional Asia hub for ESG talent development.

Non-Executive Director Foria (HK) Ltd.

2013 - Present

Provided management consultancy for startups. Responsible for business plans, fundraising, HR, corporate governance, marketing, incubator applications, and business development.  Consultancy for TIC markets and SME’s. Lead multiple projects, where complex product development, government, and institutional requirements, product certification, and testing questions are involved with a focus on agribusiness, food, sustainability, environment, and social compliance.

Past Board Experience

ICM B.V., SGS Netherlands BV, SGS Benelux N.V.


Executive Director of International Controle Maatschappij B.V. (’98-’01), Various SGS Netherlands BV subsidiaries (’01-’04) & SGS Benelux N.V. (’04-’05)

TUV Nord Group


Executive Director of Tuv Asia Pacific Ltd & TUV Nord Hong Kong Ltd.
Non-Executive Director of Tuv Nord South-Korea Ltd., Incok Ltd. (Seoul), Tuv Asia Pacific Ltd. (Taiwan branch), Tuv Nord-Cosmos k.k. Ltd. (Tokyo), Tuv Nord Guangzhou Ltd. (WFOE), Tuv Nord Tianjin Ltd. (JV) & Tuv Nord Hangzhou Ltd. (JV). 

Start-ups/Foria (HK) Ltd.

(' 14-onwards)

Non-Executive Director of EQOLOGIC (‘21-onwards), Shine Toilets (HK) Ltd. (’21-‘22), MyPhone HK Ltd. (‘15-’19), Luduan HK Ltd. (‘14-’15), DDO Testing BV. (‘14-’15) & Foria HK Ltd. (‘13-onwards).



Board Member & Past President of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong South. Foundation Chair (‘14-’17)

My Key Strategic Skills

Sustainability & ESG
Digital Transformation
Change management
Innovation & Product Development
parallax background
parallax background
“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)