Meet Paul, an aspiring board member and expert in Sustainability and ESG currently working in the photovoltaic and battery storage industry. With nearly 30 years of experience in managing consumer products, sustainable agricultural services,  certification departments, industrial services and startups, Paul has an extensive background in project management, sales & KAM, product development & innovation and restructuring & change management.

As the General Manager China and Global Director ESG and Traceability for Clean Energy Associates, Paul leads the development and execution of ESG and traceability-related services while also serving as project leader for all IFI/DFI projects.

He is also a non-executive director for a management consulting firm specializing in start-ups, sustainability, and TIC assignments, and serves as an advisor for a firm for ESG advisory for Western firms entering China. Additionally, Paul is an advisory board member for the International Association for Sustainable Economy and is a past President and Board member of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong South, a charity NGO he joined in 2011.

Paul's academic background is equally impressive, with degrees in Agricultural Science and Agronomy from Aeres Universities of Applied Sciences and Wageningen Agricultural University, respectively. He also holds a Master of Applied Business Research (MABR from SBS-Zurich) and a postgraduate master (PgDIP) based on the Financial Times Non-Executive Director Diploma.

In addition, Paul has the ISB® designations (Level 1-Advisor and Level 2-Specialist) from the International Association for Sustainable Economy (IASE), a Diploma in Company Direction (DipCD) from the Hong Kong Institute of Directors (HKIoD), the GCB.D designation for the ESG Designation Program from Competent Boards and is accepted as a Fellow into the Hong Kong Institute of Directors (FHKIoD).

And  currently pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration, with a focus on corporate governance through his Thesis research: “Corporate Governance of a firm’s Human and Structured Capital: Influencing a Firms Innovation Strategy.”

When he's not busy with work, Paul enjoys cooking for friends, reading about change management and innovation, social psychology and NLP, and traveling with his wife enjoying the beauty of Yunnan (wife’s birth province) and Scotland (born and raised in NL, but mum from Kilmarnock).

With his wealth of experience and expertise, Paul is a valuable asset to any organization.

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“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”

Carl Jung (1875-1961)

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